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Exciting News!! The Martin Gray Football Academy Website is Now Live!!

We are pleased to announce that The Martin Gray Football Academy's brand-new website is now live and ready to explore! Packed with information, our website is designed to be your go-to hub for all things football and sports education. Join us on this virtual journey as we walk you through the features and content.

What to Expect: A Sneak Peek into the MGFA Website

From the latest news to featured events, our home page is the perfect introduction to the world of football excellence.

Delve into the history and mission of The Martin Gray Football Academy. Learn about our founder, Martin Gray, and the dedicated team of coaches who bring passion and expertise to every training session. Discover our roots, our values, and what sets MGFA apart.

Explore the academies section to uncover the array of programs we offer. From Little Strikers providing a fun introduction to football for the youngest enthusiasts to Elite Sessions designed for those aspiring to reach new heights, find the perfect program to suit your football journey.

Learn about our partnerships with schools in the Darlington, Durham, and Teesside areas. Discover how our qualified coaches deliver high-quality PE sessions, aligning with school values and enhancing physical and mental challenges through structured lessons.

Get to know the heart of MGFA—our dedicated coaches. Learn about their backgrounds, experiences, and love for football. Understand how their expertise contributes to the holistic development of every aspiring footballer under their guidance.

Explore the pathway to a promising football career through our specialised programs. Understand how the guidance of Martin Gray, a former professional footballer, and our qualified coaching team can shape the future of aspiring athletes.

Discover the exclusive MGFA kits designed not just for performance but also to instil a sense of pride and unity within our teams. Learn how having the right kit is essential for young players, fostering a strong sense of belonging and identity within their squads.

Uncover the transformative educational experience offered through our BTEC courses in collaboration with Darlington College. From Level 2 Diplomas to Level 3 Extended Diplomas, explore the benefits and opportunities that await students on this academic and athletic journey.

Read our blog section, where we share insights, stories, and in-depth articles about football, sports education, and the MGFA community. Stay updated on the latest trends, success stories, and valuable tips for aspiring football enthusiasts.

Have questions or want to get in touch? Our contact page provides all the details you need to connect with the MGFA team. Whether you're a parent, student, or football enthusiast, we're here to answer your queries and support your journey.

Join Us on the MGFA Website Journey!

The Martin Gray Football Academy website is not just a platform; it's a portal into the world of football excellence, education, and community. We invite you to explore, engage, and become a part of the MGFA family. Whether you're a young striker with dreams of scoring goals or a parent seeking the best for your child's football journey, our website is here to guide and inspire.

Visit to start your exploration today. Welcome to a world where football meets passion, education meets excellence, and every goal is a step closer to greatness.

The MGFA website is live—let the journey begin!

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