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A player dribbling a football between cones.


The MGFA Academy programme is designed with schools in mind.



MGFA Academies afford schools and their pupils with the opportunity to access professional and theoretical sports coaching, which is embedded into their school timetable.

Schools receive a minimum of five hours a week sports coaching across the academic year. Our programmes are developed alongside our schools, providing a bespoke package that meets the needs and wants of the school and pupils.

Our experienced professional coaching team deliver a range of sessions that are designed to engage and support the development of players. Students are supported with their physical development and theoretical understanding of the game.

MGFA Academies will have the opportunity to compete in the Academy Football League. Academy teams from across the North East will go head to head against the other MGFA Academies across the region.

Our qualified coaches, plan prepare and develop sessions that are participant focussed. Our aim is to provide professional high quality coaching sessions that support development and the National Curriculum.

Someone with a football beneath their foot.
A pile of footballs in a training session.


We take pride in offering high quality sessions, we want to support schools to further their sporting provision. Our MGFA Academies are the perfect promotional tool to showcase a schools “offer” to perspective pupils.

Our team are available to support open evenings and assist the school in promoting the MGFA Academy as an extension of the school.

By participating in the MGFA Academy league, schools will get the opportunity to gain regional recognition for sport. We will also be promoting the MGFA Academy through the central Martin Gray Football Academy channels.

A player with the ball controlled under their foot.


The MGFA Academy offer is aligned with the Pupil Sport Premium outcomes. MGFA Academies are designed too:

• Enhance and develop the PE and Physical Activity provision in schools.

• Provide schools with increased capacity to deliver more opportunities for physical activity.

• Support children and young people (aged 5-18) in achieving the Chief Medical Officers guidelines of engaging in at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day with 30 minutes being in school.

• Develop and raise the profile of school sport and PE, supporting whole school improvement.

• Provide on going support through sharing knowledge with staff, enhancing their confidence and knowledge in sport and PE.

• Provide a broad experience of sport and physical activity.

• Provide more opportunities for competitive sport.

• Provide leadership opportunities for pupils.

We work closely with schools to ensure the MGFA Academy fits with the existing school culture and values with the aim of establishing the MGFA Academy as an extension of the school offer.

For more information regarding our MGFA Education and Academy offer click here.

MGFA Academies support you in enhancing your school sport offer with more opportunities for physical activity which carry legacy through knowledge sharing. A focus of the academies is to provide more opportunities for competitive sport.

A player dribbling with a ball.


An MGFA Academy is a football academy in its own right. We plan, deliver and organise a school’s academy programme in close partnership with the school. Academy pupils receive a team kit and receive guided support and training from our qualified expert football coaches.

MGFA Academy teams receive a comprehensive training programme with competitive matches representing the School Academy. Our afterschool training sessions are designed to develop and progress players both physically and mentally. Pupils will access training, which will develop football skills, fitness and improve their understanding of the game.

MGFA Academy teams receive additional match opportunities to go head to head with the other MGFA Academies from across the region. By participating in the MGFA Academy league, teams are exposed to the highest standards of interschool football.

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